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An “extremely important” baby animal — so small it can fit in your hands — was born, according to a Louisiana aquarium. An African penguin chick was born at the Audubon Aquarium in New Orleans,
Astronomer reveals how soon people could visit MarsSky News
You know all those Xbox rumours? The hot new hardware including a handheld, the idea that Microsoft is giving up on consoles altogether and releasing its exclusive Xbox games on third party
Joe Hisaishi's soundtracks for Studio Ghibli films are iconic and perfectly complement Miyazaki's storytelling and animation. Hisaishi's
Philip Day loved playing soccer so much that the 35-year-old software engineer founded a website -- -- to help people connect for pickup games. The fun went on pause when Day
Thinking about spring may not will it here any faster, but thinking ahead to planting season can help you score a few deals on much-needed gardening equipment. Prepare yourself for warmer weather
As it sped down the runway and glided into the afternoon sky, the aircraft known as Dragon 1 looked like any other plane taking flight from Stinson Municipal Airport. The only difference is this
Every dog has its own unique personality, and doggy daycare centers are tasked with managing the different behaviors all under one roof. This doggy daycare out of Washington has mastered the art of
Autobots in the Transformers franchise have been subjected to brutal and shocking deaths that have left loyal fans heartbroken. While some
An Ohio pastor who was criminally charged for housing homeless people in his church last month has had the charges dropped after reaching an agreement with the city, it was announced Thursday.Pastor
New research suggests dust particles fallen from Earth may be the unsung hero in the story of life’s origins on Earth.
Royal Caribbean's Icon of the Seas set sail in late January. The company's next giant cruise ship, Utopia of the Seas, is set to lauch in July.
A beloved dog that went missing in Colorado in 2020 was recently found on the streets of New Mexico some 500 miles away. Patches the pup and her owner Benjamin Baxter were reconnected over the
Grow new brain cells and strengthen neural connections? Definitely. Improve memory and cognition? Absolutely.If you want to get smarter -- and why wouldn't you, since intelligence is foundational to
Travis Kelce is helping the surviving victims of the shooting at the Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl victory parade.The Feb. 14 shooting left one woman dead and 22 injured — including two young girls
San Diego Gas & Electric Tuesday unveiled four new microgrids in the communities of Clairemont, Tierrasanta, Paradise and Boulevard, intended to address surging energy demands in the region.
It seems like pretty much everyone is a chocolate person around Valentine's Day—chocolate desserts, chocolate-dipped strawberries, heart-shaped boxes of chocolate everywhere you look—but there are

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