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Death Valley National Park is one of the few places with a darkness so pristine that you can see the Milky Way without a telescope.Many places claim dark-sky status, but few can deliver a darkness so
A Fairfax County church is hoping to help those who may need shelter this winter.FLORIS United Methodist Church in Herndon has partnered with nonprofit “FACETS,” which assists residents struggling
A group of Jewish organizations in New York baked a 35-foot-long loaf of challah last week in the hope of setting a new world record. Challah, a braided bread, is traditionally served on Shabbat and
Elvis Presley starred in a large number of films, often appearing in multiple movies per year during the 1950s and 1960s. These films featured a mix of recognizable
Music is more than just a beat, it's more than just the banging of a drum and the singing of a song. Music is a universal language that can unite people without the need for verbal communication. So,
A community in Massachusetts is coming together to raise tens of thousands of dollars and give back to a much-loved elementary school teacher battling an
It's hard to keep track of every health craze that takes society by storm, but the fermented milk beverage kefir might deserve some recognition for nutrition.  With the consistency of a thin yogurt
A 10-month-old male cat is still receiving intensive medical care after he was brought to an emergency facility in Jamaica Plain nearly two weeks ago with burn wounds all over his body, MSPCA-Angell
A runner who visited all 37 stations on a railway line in a 12-hour challenge is on track to raise more than £20,000 for a domestic abuse charity.Alex Rigby set off from Hunts Cross station in south
New research has discovered ultrasound waves can be used to improve the motility of sperm, boosting their ability to swim by up to 266%.According to a study, out of Melbourne’s Monash University,
Shojo romance anime offers unique and captivating stories that anyone can enjoy, dedicated shojo fan or not. Fruits Basket, Ouran High
The Kansas City Chiefs are stepping up to help their community in the wake of the victory parade shooting. The Chiefs and the United Way have created the #KCStrong Fund to support shooting
Woof — it’s been a long week.If you feel like you’ve been working like a dog, let us offer you the internet equivalent of a big pile of catnip: hilarious tweets about pets.We Shih Tzu not.Each week
Can you imagine the secrets for a whole and happy life come from age, not youth? That’s what people over a hundred years old teach through their stories, showing paths that suggest happiness can be
Here are nine of the top places to live in Canada, plus insider tips about their housing markets. Canada's excellent quality of life makes it one of the most popular countries for immigrants from
Philip Day loved playing soccer so much that the 35-year-old software engineer founded a website -- FootballMatcher.com -- to help people connect for pickup games. The fun went on pause when Day
A dog that went missing in Colorado was found four years later and more than 500 miles away in southern New Mexico, according to KTLA sister station KRQE. Patches went missing in 2020 while she
David Beckham might have made his fortune from his freekicks and iconic skills on the football pitch, but the former England club Captain is a keen chef and loves nothing more than cooking up a storm
Not feeling like regular mashed potatoes? Make 'em from a box. We rounded up eight ideas for transforming your boxed mashed potatoes into something special.
These are the bottles you'll want to have on hand for weeknight dinners and big celebrations alike.Dry white wines are among the most versatile options to enjoy with food, both in terms of cooking

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