After an uneven first act, this tale of greed and blood, featuring an outstanding Lily Gladstone, makes its bones as a late-Scorsese highlight.
Following its world premiere at Cannes, Chilean director Felipe Gálvez tells us about his period adventure drama The Settlers, based on a dark chapter in Chile’s colonial past.
Justine Triet’s Palme d'Or-winning film pivots on a violent death, but really it is the dead man’s relationship with his enigmatic, successful wife that is on trial.
Before the arrival of Hollywood’s first 3D features, the future-facing Festival of Britain of 1951 commissioned an ambitious selection of short films exploring the potential of filmmaking in the third ...
A former soldier turned gold-hunter takes on the Nazis in this satisfyingly grisly but surprisingly solemn WW2 action story that invokes Finland’s tragic history.
Ahead of the BFI Film on Film Festival, our head curator Robin Baker celebrates the unique appeal of film projected on film.
The Spanish auteur’s first feature in 30 years deals with the disappearance of a fictional actor who vanished during a film shoot, exploring themes of loss, grief and the exquisite power of cinema.
There’s a lot going on in Anderson’s American desert town drama – an ensemble cast, alien invaders, a play within a TV show within a film – but there’s so much to admire in this ambitious exercise in ...
Julianne Moore is unnerving as Gracie, a housewife whose scandalous past is being probed by Elizabeth (Natalie Portman), a young actress set to play her in a movie.
Love represents the possibility of transcending – or at least surviving – the grinding reality of life under capitalism in Fallen Leaves, Finnish director Aki Kaurismäki’s fourth addition to his ...
A gardener hides a dark past, Succession draws to a climax, and a visceral doc takes us inside the human body.
Gene Hackman road movie Scarecrow, 95-year-old director Jerry Schatzberg looks back at a career riding the crest of the New Hollywood era.