An energized President Biden delivered a fiery speech in the key battleground state, forcefully attacking his rival, Donald J. Trump, as he tried to stem concerns about his ability to run and win in November.
The first campaign to use advertising and slogans was William Henry Harrison in 1840 who used, “Tippecanoe and Tyler, Too!” The slogan referred to Harrison’s status as a war hero in the 1811 Tecumseh’s War and his running mate John Tyler. Harrison won in a landslide.
After Whitmer, a Democrat, signed the bill on Monday, social media users misrepresented what it will mean for the ability to obtain recounts.
An open letter doesn’t explicitly call for Joe Biden to step aside but argues the vice president is best positioned to defeat Donald Trump.
A new election measure in Georgia could delay the certification of the 2024 election, an official has warned. In 2020, President Joe Biden flipped Georgia from Donald Trump by 11,
Republican Gov. Chris Sununu, in a Fox News Digital interview, says that Donald Trump is 'going to do very, very well in a swing state like New Hampshire'
It’s less than a month away from Kansas’ 2024 primary election, and next week starts the beginning of some important deadlines voters should know. Next Tuesday, July 16, is the deadline to register to vote if you haven’t already.
Poll watchers in Georgia will get closer access to voters and secure voting areas in the 2024 presidential election. The change is part of a new election law that went into effect July 1.