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An armed fugitive allegedly opened fire on South Carolina police Tuesday morning, killing a K-9 in a gunfight that left other officers with minor injuries, according to authorities.The Newberry
Confessions of a Good Samaritan Trailer - official movie trailer HD
Nathaniel Johnson, University of North Dakota; Hasan Khatib, University of Wisconsin-Madison, and Thomas D. Crenshaw, University of Wisconsin-Madison Within the last century, researchers’
Sea World workers carried out a dramatic rescue operation off the coast of Australia, where a humpback whale was entangled in buoys and ropes. The adult animal was first spotted trailing the debris
25 of the top number 1 picks in NBA history, a mix of old stars and newer ones.
June 13 (UPI) -- Apple TV+ released the trailer for the new series Sunny on Thursday. Sunny premieres July 10. Rashida Jones stars as Suzie, a woman living in Japan with her husband and son. When her
A stranded kite surfer was rescued after using rocks to spell out “help” on the Santa Cruz County beach where he became trapped Sunday afternoon, officials said. People riding in a private helicopter
The DMV has plenty of events to offer this weekend. From music festivals to celebrating Juneteenth or pride, there are many to choose from.Check out the list below:WASHINGTON, D.C.:Saturday, June
Microbiome research to date has been much like the parable of the blind men and the elephant. How much can be said about an elephant by examining just its tail? Researchers have studied what is most
WOLFE COUNTY, Ky. (FOX 56) — Thanks to new technology, Wolfe County Search and Rescue (WCSR) was able to bring a lost hiker back to safety. WSCR said the call from a lost hiker around Indian
Including cooling home items, breezy clothing, and handy kitchen gadgets.Scoring some of the latest and greatest at Amazon isn’t as difficult as you might think. In fact, the retailer has an entire
Nearly two months ago, the Oregon Ridge Nature Center lost Stella, their resident partially blind red-tailed hawk, when a falling tree crashed through her enclosure, opening it to the sky above.
As night fell across a forest in Madagascar, a “cryptic” creature perched on the tip of a twig and went to sleep. It almost seemed to blend in with the branch — but not well enough. When scientists
PHOENIX - June is Men's Mental Health Awareness Month and one Valley man is turning trauma into triumph and helping other men do the same."It was within these white walls I could see what everyone
When a 12-week-old Pekingese named Archie Bean leaped from a bed on the third story of his Colorado townhome, he went right through an open floor vent. The Douglas County puppy was nowhere to be seen
Radiotherapy administered by robots could improve treatment for a debilitating eye condition, a trial has found.The approach means patients would no longer require regular injections into their eye
An unusual rescue played out on a Connecticut mountaintop when a suddenly immobile dog had to be carried across “extremely treacherous” terrain, officials say. It was discovered the pet’s paralysis

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