The Microsoft Activision deal is facing a legal challenge in Sweden as a state-run pension fund sued the companies over the planned merger.
Microsoft's reported concession of a 10-year Call of Duty licensing deal to Sony is meant to be an olive branch to European regulators.
Deals begin today on the PS Store with more than 700 games and DLC items discounted by up to 80% until December 21.
TIME's list of the best games in 2022 reveals the strength of PlayStation exclusives, like God of War Ragnarok, throughout the year.
Elon Musk has strangely posted a picture of his bedside table that features a replica gun of a revolver from Deus Ex Human Revolution.
CD Projekt Red has been relatively silent on the details for The Witcher Remake. But at least we now have one morsel of information about it.
Here is the Need for Speed Unbound size for PS5. This is how much room the game takes up whn it installs on PlayStation 5.
It looks like Marvel's Spider-Man 2 news could be coming as early as tomorrow, November 29, with Venom's voice actor teasing a reveal.
In response to Microsoft claiming that Sony doesn't allow Game Pass on PlayStation, Sony said that PS Plus on Xbox isn't permitted either.
If you're seeing your PS Plus games locked, here's one explanation why: redeeming the game on Extra/Premium overrides Essential games license ...
Santa Monica Studio's Eric Williams has revealed that one of God of War Ragnarok characters was almost cut from the game.
A prominent leaker for Marvel's Avengers paints a sobering picture for the future of the game and when we should expect She-Hulk to arrive.